Where do I start?

Bear with me for a bit!

I have several ideas for the next post but am not sure of which one to run with.

* Cabinet Nominations

* Birth Certification/eligablilty to hold office

* Economy

* Bail-out Debacle

* The reaction of the Libs – the Messiah Obama not keeping his campaign promises.

* The (I’m sure) unintended ‘economic stimulus’ in the firearms industry due to PEO’s stated anti-gun positions. ( I have done about 5 times the normal business at the gun show this weekend. KEEP IT UP!!!!!)

There are more, but I am tired at this point. I’ll deal with each one in it’s own time, and more….. I have no doubt. Any suggestions from those who actually read this stuff?

Stay tuned for more observations from the ‘peoples view’…… yep, people means all of us that work for a living.

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