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The Death of Our Nation

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

The Health Control legislation being rammed through congress and forced onto the citizens of this country is Unconstitutional from the beginning. NO one can show me in the constitution where it gives the federal government the power to force a citizen to purchase insurance or any other product/service.


During the news party after the vote today Max Baucus, D-MT, said they (congress) were the leaders of our nation. Mr. Baucus….. you are NOT our leader. Under the U. S. Constitution you are supposed to be our representative, an individual elected to represent the will of your constituents. Every legitimate poling service puts the national opinion on the Health Control legislation around the 60% Against and 40% For ratio. How do these morons in congress find a way to say they are representing THE PEOPLE?? They are liars!!!!


They are imposing their Socialist agenda on our country even though we tell them we don’t agree with it and don’t want it. They tell us they know better than we do, they know what’s good for us, just relax and follow the program. (If you haven’t read ‘1984’ by George Orwell it might be a good idea.)


The Socialist Democrats are using the power of legislation to control behavior, such as the Health Control bill. As a candidate Barak Hussein Obama said maybe grandma should get a pill instead of treatment. He advocated limiting treatment and having care decisions made by administrators not your doctor, much as is done under Medicare and Medicaid today.

You really think they won't identify certain sexual practices as risky so they can deny coverage of STD's and HIV under the broke system? Just watch!! What if you are overweight? Have high colesterol? Diabetes? They will now have the ability to force your compliance to their directives on your lifestyle. And the cost...... someone single making 30K will pay around $1200/year (good price) but if you are married and you make 30K each or 60K total you will get socked for around $12K. Under penalty of fines, seizures and jail by the IRS who will be empowered to collect the money along with direct access to your accounts to collect.


Say goodbye to the concept of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Say goodbye to Privacy and Financial Freedom.

Say goodbye to the ability to choose your Doctor, much less insurance company.

Say HELLO to paying for this massive takeover of 1/6th of our national economy for the next 4 years before any of the benefits start to take effect.

Say HELLO to watching the spending balloon out of control, just like every other government program. Has the budget for Medicare or Medicaid EVER gotten smaller, or been without waste and fraud?


More government is not the answer if you want to maintain your freedom. Ceding your individual freedoms to the government is allowing yourself to be ENSLAVED!!!

Here is a press release by Jane Norton, who is running for Governor of Colorado:


Statement from Jane Norton, candidate for U.S. Senate, on the Passage of Health Care legislation

December 23, 2009 The passage of this legislation is simply reckless and wrong. This government takeover of healthcare is as reckless as it is wrong.  Real health care reform should lower costs – not increase them.  Real health care reform should improve care – not lower quality and accessibility.  Real health care reform should not cut Medicare for seniors. Coloradans have made it clear they want real health care reform not a government takeover.  Senator Michael Bennet and his friends in Congress are not listening. At a time when our country is facing double-digit unemployment, Senator Bennet has helped push through legislation that will impose job-killing taxes, cuts to Medicare for seniors, higher health care premiums, rationing of care, and more borrowing. Almost as distasteful as the legislation is the manner in which it has moved through the process.  Never before have Americans witnessed so many pay-offs and the outright purchase of votes at the taxpayer’s expense. By passing this legislation, Congress is forfeiting the opportunity to pass real reforms that would do what Colorado families and small businesses have asked:  improve affordability and accessibility. I urge Senators Udall and Bennet to stand up for Colorado and stand up for real reform.  Vote no on the Senate health care bill. There are no easy decisions in healthcare, but solutions are best found in empowering families and individuals and their doctors – not politicians and bureaucrats – to make important healthcare decisions.  We should empower people by giving them more choices and by promoting competition to drive costs down and increase access to healthcare.  Enacting a government-run system is something that neither I nor a majority of Coloradans and Americans support. What we need are common sense and market-based solutions that will slash costs without ceding control of 17% of our economy to the federal government.  Those solutions include:

  • medical malpractice tort reform that limits expensive and frivolous lawsuits that drive up healthcare and insurance costs and result in unnecessary defensive medicine
  • tax equity so that those who buy their own insurance receive the same tax benefits as those who get insurance through their employers
  • high risk pools so those with pre-existing conditions may be covered
  • portability of health insurance
  • making cost and quality information plainly available to consumers
  • changing regulations that discourage individuals and small businesses from utilizing Health Savings Accounts
  • giving small businesses the opportunities to pool risk and resources across state lines.

Hey, that kind of sounds like my plan!!! Well, I had the simple version of it a couple posts back.


Oh, Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something is missing from this wonderful legislation. NONE!! ZIP!! ZERO!! NADA!! Not there, specifically not there, completely missing……… or should I say SPECIFICALLY EXEMPTED!!!!! No member of congress (or their families) will be allowed to partake in the fantastic system of slavery they are setting up for us.


Since our elected REPRESENTATIVES don’t seem to care about their constitutional responsibilities and duties. I am going to make it my mission to un-seat every individual that voted for this Socialist pile of crap. All of you!! I will make sure the IRS can’t collect the money for the Health Control legislation by sending every extra penny I have to CONSERVATIVE candidates and exposing your Anti-American, Anti-Freedom activities. I consider your vote in this blatantly unconstitutional legislation your notice of resignation. Your vote against the will of the people certainly notifies the American public you have resigned position of trust by violating your oath of office.


I will be looking for candidates that support the Constitution, Personal Freedom and Responsibility, Term Limits and the end to Legislative Exemptions to the laws they pass. If you are that type of candidate, or know of any, please keep reading. I will give more details after Jan 1, 2010.


The Death of Our Nation? NO!!!!!!!!!!!! The rebirth of real Patriotism!!! The taking back of our great nation by and for THE PEOPLE!!!!!!


Read and study, get good information, contact your representatives and senators.

Educate yourself and VOTE!!!!!