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After the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia someone asked Benjamin Franklin what form of government the had decided on for the new nation. He replied ‘A Republic, if you can keep it.’

After many threats, trials, missteps, stumbles and more successes than failures over the ensuing years, the grand experiment that is the United States is still here.

Today we face a challenge as great as any there has been in the past. Not from outside our borders but from within them. I am sending a letter to all the candidates the will be seeking my support in the upcoming campaigns.


(Appropriate Salutation),

I am attempting to determine which candidates I will support in the upcoming campaign and elections. To make that decision I would appreciate your response to the following questions.


1 – Please explain Article 1, sec. 8 of the U. S. Constitution.


2 – Do you believe the Congress/Senate has stayed within these limits?


3 – Please provide two or three examples supporting your opinion in question #2.


4 – Do you believe the ‘Commerce Clause’ allows the government to reach into every facet of lifeand society?


5 – What will you do to maintain these limits as the elected representative of The People?


6 – How do the 9th and 10th Amendments relate to the above limits on Government?


7 – Do you feel the laws passed by several states setting up 10th amendment challenges over states rights have generally good constitutional standing? Meaning, Do you feel the U. S. Government has over reached their constitutional limits relating to the 10th amendment?


8 – Would you support an amendment to the U. S. Constitution requiring all laws passed by Congress apply equally to Congress as to The People?


9 – Would you support requiring Congress to give up the health and retirement programs currently afforded them and participate in the same health and retirement programs as The People?


10 – Will you pledge to voluntarily resign from office if you violate your oath of office, ethics rules, laws(local, state or federal, including IRS regulations) or have ANY legislation you write and/or vote for ruled unconstitutional?


I look forward to your timely reply to assist with my decision on financial and campaign support. I will share it with my circle of friends, co-workers and post if on my blog. Lack of response on your part will also speak volumes about your opinion on the principles laid forth in our Constitution and Laws pertaining to the role and limitations of government.


Thank you for your time and answers,

(make sure you include your name and address in closing)


Please copy this letter and send it to your elected officials. I would love to see the look on their faces when they read it. Well, at least the look on their staffer’s faces as most of the candidates won’t ever see it. I will do my best to publicize this letter so they will have a harder time ignoring it.

 Here is a link to find your elected officials:


Please send me any replies you get and I will post some of the better excerpts here.


Read and study, get good information, contact your representatives and senators.

Educate yourself and VOTE!!!!!

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