Tonight we celebrate!!

The breaking news is Osama Bin Laden is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Killed by the amazing young men of our US Military. Thanks for your service!

The part the worries me is it happened about a week ago. What was the delay in the announcement? If you understand the political machine in Washington you too will have your suspicions.

Stay tuned closely for the next 3-7 days for some news to come out of Washington that dampens the mood.

Then there will be the protests. You are going to see protests from multiple fronts accusing the military of war crimes, racism, international trespass and outright murder for taking out the most wanted terrorist on Earth. My suggestion to those getting ready to cause trouble is DON’T. You should support your country for a change.

Celebrate today but stay vigilant!!!!!

CORRECTION – May 2, 2011  I appologize for publishing something I hadn’t completely verified. The operation was NOT a week ago, it happened this Sunday, May 1. I am leaving the original post intact but freely admit jumping the gun in my elation over the news of Bin Laden finally getting to meet the 72 Virginian’s awaiting him in the afterlife.

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