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Just a little vacation……….?!?!?!!!

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Breaking news from Texas

On Tuesday 10-18-2011

AMARILLO, Texas (AP) — A man was arrested Tuesday after his unruly behavior aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Kansas City compelled the flight crew to make an emergency landing in Texas. Ali Reza Shahsavari, 29, of Indialantic, Fla., has been charged with interfering with a flight crew, said Patrick Rhodes, Amarillo’s aviation director. He was booked into the Randall County Jail in Canyon, where he awaited an appearance before a magistrate.

Flight 3683 landed without incident and the man was taken into custody for questioning by federal officials. None of the 136 passengers and five crew members was injured, and the aircraft resumed its flight after a security sweep, said Brad Hawkins, spokesman for the Dallas-based airline.

The Amarillo Globe-News reports on what the Associated Press won’t, mainly what Shahsavari shouted:

“You’re all going to die,” a man dressed in black screamed at passengers Tuesday afternoon. “You’re all going to hell. Allahu Akbar,” translated as God is great in Arabic.

“The FBI continues to investigate, but initial indications are that there was no terrorist intent. This guy is a U.S. citizen,” said FBI Special Agent Mark White in Dallas.


The depth of stupidity and lack of concern on the part of FBI/DHS agents is astounding.

What do you mean there was ‘no terrorist intent’? It’s only terrorism if some old-white-wheelchair bound-grandmother is involved? Or a non-walking infant has too lumpy of a diaper?

My feeling is that SOMEONE among the sheeple on that plane should have beaten him senseless.



Wednesday 10-19-2011

Dallas, Texas (WOIA radio website)

What were three French-Moroccan Muslims in their twenties doing with photos of infrastructure and high tech camera equipment inside the Bexar County Courthouse in San Antonio at almost 2 o’clock this morning?

Nobody has given any good answers yet, and concerns about a possible terrorism plot remain high. Officers of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Department of Homeland security have the three suspicious individuals in custody and are trying to find out if a terrorism-related plot was disrupted. The men apparently entered the building by sneaking through a window.

The men appeared to have entered the country on legal visas from Heathrow airport and had traveled extensively throughout the U.S. According to WOIA radio, officials say the men had “photographs of infrastructure” including photos of shopping malls, water systems, courthouses and other public buildings which they say were taken in cities nationwide.”

In response to the possible threat early this morning, police cordoned off two square blocks of downtown San Antonio and bomb-sniffing dogs were deployed throughout the courthouse. After a couple of hours, police reopened the streets as no danger was detected.

Investigators are keeping the case close-hold, but one law enforcement officer reportedly said of the three Muslim men that “the fact why they can’t explain why they are in the building at 1:22 in the morning raises questions.”


Inside the Bexar County courthouse at 1:22AM…………..

Apparently entered through a window………..

Photos of infrastructure from around the country………….

High-tech camera gear…………..

and the part that ‘raises questions’ is that they were in the courthouse at 1:22AM?


Our nation is still under attack from radical islam. They are probing and testing every day.

The next question needs to be: Why haven’t we seen this on any of the national Lame Stream Media sources?


They are: Sycophantically stroking the Occupy-wherever groups.

They are: Calling the Tea Party every nasty name they can get away with printing.

They are: Finding every possible way to tear down the republican candidates.

They are: Castigating Hank Jr. for his analogy that happened to mention Hitler while ignoring lefties that use similar comparisons and language

They are: Continuing to provide Barak Hussein Obama with free publicity and insulation from any investigation.

They are: Still giving cover to administration operatives over criminal acts. (Fast and Furious/ Project Gunrunner/ Death of US BP Agents)

They are: STILL parroting the administration propaganda.


They are NOT doing their job of reporting real news or investigating corruption/crime.


As we enter the new election season and the rhetoric heats up more than ever, we need to make sure we are watchful of everything around us. The courthouse break-in in Texas was a dry-run for future attacks. The infrastructure photos are planning materials/evidence to show how close they could get to targets without being detected or detained. It’s been just over 10 years since we were attacked on 9/11 and most of America has gone back to their blind little routine lives. Thinking the threat is over, the bad guys like us now, the gubmint will protect us…….


WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every one of us needs to be watching and potentially acting to protect our country. The islamic morons are still out there and they still hate us for our freedom and success. They are looking for ways to hit us again and destroy our society.

Unfortunately they have the support of the liberal/socialist/communist/left in our country. Their hands are held and their whiny, snotty little noses are wiped while we are told to love and embrace their ‘religion of peace’. Bullshit!!!!


The testing, probes and surveillance will continue, more attempts will be made at actual attacks and eventually one will succeed. These brain-washed bumblers only have to get it right once. Luckily many Americans are watching and doing their Sheep Dog Duties.


If you don’t know about Sheep Dogs, you probably are one of the sheeple.


Read and study, get good information, contact your representatives and senators.

Educate yourself and VOTE!!!!