A question of RACE

OK, I’m tired of the morons and race-hustlers running their mouths…….
I’m tired of the evil racist bastards using skin color to make everyone else kiss their asses…….
I’m disgusted that they ignore crime and corruption unless they can get on TV………
Mostly, I am ashamed that our all-caring, all-feeling, hold your hand cradle-to-grave government has the un-mitigated gall to politicize the death of a 17 years old, condemn the on scene investigators in the Trayvon Martin case without having all the evidence
still refuse to investigate much less arrest the individuals responsible for publicly placing a bounty on another citizen and calling for riots, kidnapping and potentially murder.

To all of you racists in the NBPP, Rainbow Coalition, Government, etc:
You are welcome to find another country to live in…….. OH YEAH, they would shoot you on sight for your actions.

If you had any respect for the great man you hold up as an icon, yes….. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Maybe you should listen to his most profound statement and strive to be judged by the content of your character and NOT by the color of your skin.

Until you actually move past your own racist ideals and lifestyle:

Polecat graphic

I submit this for your new symbol.
You are stinking up a great country that welcomes ALL races on an equal basis. America only wants you to make the effort, to put forth the energy, to be a productive member of society. Your attitude of race first only shows your ignorance and laziness.

Drop the racism, the racist attitude, theĀ  victim mentality and the hyphenated names…..
Get off your asses and get along with the rest of the HUMAN RACE.


Read and study, get good information, contact your representatives and senators.

Educate yourself and VOTE!!!!


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