DUH!! It’s Uncle Ted!!!!!

How in the hell does the Demo-crap party get away with their hypocrisy?

Ted Nugent has been vilified for his statements at the NRA convention because they are insensitive and offensive………………..

It’s Ted Nugent!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course he is insensitive and offensive, well offensive to those that don’t agree with him. Ted speaks his mind, UN-filtered and UN-censored, from the heart! Just like everyone else out there, I don’t agree with (you/them/Ted) 100% of the time but I will fight to defend your right to speak your mind. I have stated many times that if everyone agreed with me it would be a boring world. I relish the debate. I gladly face the challenge.

Demo-crap shills like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Melanie Roussell are so brainwashed, no probably so brainless, that they spew ignorant statements crafted to advance a socialist, Obama centered, agenda without any regard for the truth.

Ted said ‘if Obama gets re-elected that he(Ted) would be dead of in jail by this time next year’…… and suddenly the Secret Service is investigating our beloved Motor City Madman. WHY!!!!! If Obama is re-elected I will probably be in jail or dead too along with MANY other Patriots that don’t follow the proper path as dictated by the regime. Anyone that doesn’t follow the POLITICALLY CORRECT path will probably be in jail…… or gunned down by the DHS that has recently contracted for millions of rounds of pistol and rifle ammunition and vehicles resembling tanks for use in riot situations. I post POLITICALLY INCORRECT blogs on a regular basis and know the DHS watches them, GOOD!!! (BTW, most people don’t look in their own house)

Now, I challenge every one of you to stand up, speak your mind, be UN-PC…………. Get involved in your political process and make your voice heard. Speaking of the political process – I was a delegate to my congressional and state assembly recently. I started at the precinct caucus and worked up from there because I was motivated. At the CD and state assemblies I watched the Ron Paul sycophants (very well organized sycophants by the way) disrupt the process and cause problems with minor procedural challenges. They were vocal about their support (good) but showed their crass nature and unwillingness to support the process by boo-ing and rudely interrupting speeches of those supporting other candidates. If Ron Paul is guiding this process, he is certainly hurting his cause as these tactics were certainly a BIG RED FLAG to me.

Back to Ted……….

Please note that the brain-dead and emotion driven drones on the socialist side are attacking the tone of the statements made by Ted (while ignoring MULTIPLE moronic statements by their own hacks) and not attempting to challenge the factual basis of what he said. I will start listening to their whiny protests when they actually act responsibly and condemn their own vitriol with the same honesty.

Let’s see how badly I can piss them off:

Obama is a Socialist

Obama released a FAKE birth certificate

Obama is using a FAKE selective service registration

Obama is using a Social Security number issued to a Connecticut resident (he never was)

Obama’s fundamental change to the country is treasonous

Obama should be impeached for multiple crimes against WE THE PEOPLE

Obama is OK with accepting(and not returning) a MILLION DOLLAR donation from someone that has made multiple vile statements about conservative women

WE need to drill for oil while allowing the private sector to explore alternative energy

WE should support the private sector in business and innovation

WE are Taxed Enough Already

WE don’t support the class warfare advanced by the Obama Regime

WE don’t believe the ‘rich’ don’t pay their fair share

WE believe in safety net programs but NOT in cradle-to-grave support

So, Wasser-dumb and Roussell-dork……………. when you actually develop an IQ above that of a dead plant and condemn the misogynistic attitudes/statements of YOUR supporters (Bill Maher, Hillary Rosen, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Jr, Louis Farakhan, Malik Shabaz, etc) as energetically as you attack legitimate debate, then MAYBE I will consider your statements worth my time. Until you actually have that miniscule level of intellectual integrity I (and WE) will continue to ignore your verbal vomit.

The Democrat/Socialist Party and their media minions will continue to spew lies about conservative candidates. Why would we expect any different? They can’t stand/run on their real record or ideas as WE (the American people) are too smart to fall for the lies.

I challenge every one of you to visit the Hillsdale College website and take the free ‘intro to’ and ‘Constitution 101’ courses they offer. If you are reading this blog you probably have some clue what Article I, Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution is all about but the Hillsdale courses will add much insight beyond my bumbling writings.

Read and study, get good information, contact your representatives and senators.

Educate yourself and VOTE!!!!

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