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Please get me a teleprompter!!!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

During the first Presidential debate the candidates couldn’t have been more different in their demeanor and presentation.

President Barak Hussein Obama seemed annoyed and lost. His answers were off topic and mostly talking points that haven’t worked for the last 3½ years. Body language was frighteningly revealing as he scowled, grimaced, fidgeted and stared down at the podium.


Mitt Romney was calm and on topic, well prepared, focused and as detailed as the time format allowed. Notice how he watched BHO while he was speaking and then destroyed the lies and distortions with his replies.


When BHO was shaking his head and looking down it seemed reminiscent of GHW Bush (41) looking down at his watch. BHO didn’t, REALLY didn’t, want to be there. My opinion of BHO’s attitude was ‘Please, someone get me a teleprompter!!’


This was a great night for Mitt Romney and our country.



Read and study, get good information, contact your representatives and senators.

Educate yourself and VOTE!!!!